Olya explores the technologically induced value change bottom-up, starting from human practices. To this end, she experiments with a range of empirical methods from different fields (e.g. STS and psychology), integrating them in the philosophy of technology (e.g. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis).
Currently in her postdoc research, Olya analyses how AI-enabled voice assistants co-shape the values of communication, courtesy, respect and privacy by re-shaping home practices. Her postdoc research is part of the Design for Changing Values project, which is Prof. Ibo van de Poel’s ERC project on the technologically induced value change and the sociotechnical systems design.
As an Assistant Professor, Olya will be active in the TU Delft AI-Labs’ programme, exploring the ethical implications of AI, particularly in the (mental) healthcare and adopting the value change and the sociotechnical systems perspectives.


In her teaching, Olya motivates students to think along the systems dimension, combining technological, governance and value perspectives in exploring the intertwinement between society and technologies. Olya has taught in a range of university courses across bachelor, master and PhD levels. She is supervising PhD and Master students related to philosophy of technology and industrial design. Among her self-imposed teaching duties is a course on Philosophy of technology and bioethics at the Yale University Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, which she developed in 2018 and has been teaching annually since then.
Ethics for aerospace engineering
Ethics of healthcare technologies
Having obtained the BKO/UTQ certificate in 2019 helps Olya to address new teaching challenges such as (re)designing the courses for online education.
Regardless of the format, she pursues creative teaching, inviting the students to integrate different theoretical and stakeholders perspectives in analyzing contemporary case studies. To this end, she welcomes the challenge of developing ethics-focused courses, such as the course on Robots and Society that integrates the sociotechnical systems perspective to robots and AI. Most recently, Olya has taught in the following courses:
Olya Kudina