Olya Kudina is an ethicist of technology focusing on the dynamic interaction between values and technologies. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology, where she helps to analyze and establish technology development with ethical reflection and cultural sensitivity as integral counterparts.

Coupled with her expertise in empirical philosophy, Olya connects ethics, design and governance in providing strategic foresight and developing technologies that are adaptable to the changing world. Olya holds a PhD degree in Philosophy of Technology from the University of Twente. Her previous work outside academia adds diplomacy, (inter)governmental work, data protection and privacy to her skill-set.

Olya speaks English, Spanish, Dutch, Ukrainian and Russian fluently, with limited working proficiency in several other languages.


Olya explores the evolving relation between values and technology through the prism of pragmatism and empirical philosophy. This allows her to trace how the moral meaning-making evolves in the process of technological use and when making sense of technological promises and fears. Olya’s research interests span across the intersection of design and ethics of technology, (post)phenomenology, hermeneutics, bioethics, AI ethics, and empirically-oriented philosophy.


Olya has taught in a range of university courses across bachelor, master and PhD levels. She is supervising PhD and Master students related to philosophy of technology.
Most recently, Olya has taught in the following courses:
Ethics for aerospace engineering
Ethics of healthcare technologies
News & upcoming events
Read a new popular article in the Yale School of Medicine Magazine, where Jennifer Huizen interviewed Olya alongside other scholars on medical AI, AI ethics and AI-induced value change in the medical sector.
Check out a pre-print paper on the nature and extent of bias in Automatic Speech Recognition systems for the Dutch language as a result of Olya's With AI and In AI collaboration, motivated by and executed with Odette Scharenborg, Siyuan Feng and Bence Halpern of TU Delft.
Read a new blogpost by AI Media Research, in which Olya shares her thoughts on the ethics of Voice Assistant technologies powered by AI.
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On May 25, Olya will give a guest lecture at Utrecht University for a BA course in Ethics of Technology about the relation between values and technologies.
Paper alert! This new publication in Human Studies presents hermeneutic lemniscate, Olya's theoretical contribution from her PhD, as a way to give place to technologies and the cultural world in the meaning-making of people.
Olya Kudina